Year in Review

I grew in so many ways during my freshman year. I became a better leader, person and student. Being a Mount Scholar has given me so many opportunities to meet some amazing people, build connections with staff and alumni and be able to serve the Columbus community. Through Mount legacy week, I learned to strengthen my leadership skills and learn more about the event planning process. I have been beyond grateful to have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Adjusting academically was the toughest aspect of college. Taking Calculus 1152 first semester truly tested me. From taking that course I had learned to fight for what I wanted and poured my time and dedication to succeeding in that class. The bond I had created with my calculus professor is one that I will cherish forever. College was the first time I was given a real experience on taking a computer science course. I wasn’t born with the talent that a lot of people were born with, but I dedicate a lot of time to learning the content and I have seen small glimmers of success along the way.

I remember the emotions I felt when I moved to college. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding how I’d cope. Being an only child and having a good support system at home I wasn’t sure I’d be able to build my community away from home. I can happily say that I found that weeks after moving into college. I’ve made my own home for myself at Ohio State. I honestly didn’t think I’d love college as much as I do, but I wouldn’t have it any either way! Columbus is a great city and I am glad to have explored Ohio State’s home on the weekends.

Even though this year on campus was cut short, there are so many things I am looking forward to my Sophomore year. I was just recently accepted into the Student Leadership Advocates cohort and I am really excited to become a facilitator to help others become better leaders by hosting workshops. I am excited to continue my 2nd year in Mount and to start the Year of Service. I am looking forward to getting involved with the Catholic community that the Newman Center has through being a member in Dormhold. Lastly, I’m looking forward to learning about the real-life applications of my major, data analytics club by attending BDAA’s meetings.

Here’s to my remaining years at Ohio State. I cannot wait to see what next year brings!


With care,



Artifacts #2

For my second artifact, I wanted to dedicate it to Mount Legacy Week. My scholars group, Mount Leadership Society Scholars does this event/project called Mount Legacy Week where every Mountie joins a team focused on a social justice issue (abuse, education, environment, global, health, and poverty). Each team will create and implement two projects that benefit the community while incorporating the Mount Essentials and honor the legacy of Ruth Weimer Mount. I am on Team Education. We are working with two schools/programs where we are educating students on leadership. The first project, named Leaders are GEMS, Team Education is going to GEMS (Graham Elementary and Middle School) and is teaching students about leadership and how to identify leaders in their life by watching videos, discussions and interactive activities. The second project we are working with the ASAS (After School All-Stars) program where we will host an after-school program by teaching students about leadership through the books we are providing.

I am a Meeting Zest Coordinator (MZC) for Team Education where I motivate the team, prepare and lead Team Education meetings and work with the other leaders to plan for our next steps. I was thrilled when I found out I was going to be an MZC. I can clearly remember jumping for joy when I received that email. Through Mount Legacy Week, I have learned about leadership and my leadership skills have improved significantly. Through the meetings I have lead, my public speaking skills have improved and I have become a much more confident leader. I am grateful for Mount Legacy week because my friendships have strengthened and have made new friends. My co-MZC Emma and I had an instant connection and we have become close ever since we met!


Here are some pictures from Mount Legacy Week so far!

From Budget Night, we made yellow bracelets to promote team spirit and pride. Team Education’s color is yellow!

This is Team Education on Budget Night (January 13th 2020)

This photo is when our leadership team met for the first time on October 21st 2019


Golf is the sport that has a special place in my heart. Thanks to my Dad, I started seriously playing golf since when I was nine. To be honest, what made me continue to play golf for a decade was because of the support of my parents. My Mom and Dad are so supportive of me and I cannot thank them enough for the time, money and dedication they put in order for me to excel in the sport that I love. I am especially grateful for my Mom who has watched almost every game I have played.

What ignited my love for golf was being able to represent my school. I played golf in middle school and high school and I was able to represent my high school in the state tournament in my sophomore and junior year! I absolutely loved participating in the state tournament at Ohio State. It was the best part of the season; making the trip to the Ohio State golf course, having nice team dinners and team bonding. Even though I am not playing golf at the collegiate level, I am a part of the OSU women’s club golf team. In fact, Ohio State was the only school where there was an all girls’ club team when I was touring schools!

What I love about golf is the skills that I have learned through playing the sport. With golf, I have learned the importance of having integrity and being perseverant. I am forever grateful that my parents have given me the sport of a lifetime. The opportunities that golf has given me I will forever cherish.



Here is a photo with my senior teammates!






These are photos of me playing in invitationals during my senior season!


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About Me

Welcome! I’m Rachelle Soh from Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m first year student studying data analytics at The Ohio State University. During my time in college, I plan to excel both academically and socially. I strive to learn and master the content given in class and use this newfound knowledge in internships. My calculus teacher gave me some words of wisdom for college. One of the best points she mentioned was college is the last time you are surrounded with people your age, so enjoy the time you have left together. This truly resonated with me. With these next four years, I plan to cherish time I have with my peers before starting in the workforce.

I attended Ursuline Academy in high school, an all girls’ school in Cincinnati, and during my time, I was deeply passionate about increasing interest in STEM majors for young women. I was the leader of an initiative named STEM Sisters. Our mission was to promote the amazing benefits that STEM majors have for our student body. I plan to pursue this passion of mine by joining a student organization that advocates women in STEM. In regards to my education, I am interested in statistics and economics and would love to join related student organizations. I want to meet others who are just as passionate as I am on these fields. I golfed for four years in high school and would love to continue my golf journey by joining the women’s club golf team. Golf has a special place in my heart and this sport will always be a part of who I am.

Most of my community service I did was through my parish. The most memorable community service I did was being an assistant catechist throughout high school. Building connections with the kids made my day and that was an experience I will always remember. Now as a Mount Leadership Society Scholar, I plan to be involved in service and help the Columbus community at Ohio State. I recently joined the Service Committee within Mount and I am excited to get involved in it. I am so grateful to call The Ohio State University my home and cannot wait for the many blessings to come!