Software Documentation

A. Introduction

B. User Manual

a. This description is for a general audience. This audience may not be familiar with programming. A reader with no MATLAB or engineering knowledge should be able to understand this                     description.

b. This section should describe all aspects of the program.

C. Program Description for Developers

a. This is a technical description of your program. The intended audience includes those familiar with MATLAB, the provided MATLAB game commands, and programming in general.

b. Include a list of variable names and uses. This should included every variable that is used within your code.

c. Include a list of the provided MATLAB game commands used with short descriptions. Do not copy the descriptions from the provided documentation.

d. Students are not permitted to copy any project descriptions from this document or any provided documentation.

e. You must reference any outside sources used in the development of your game. Include in Reference section as well.

D. Final Algorithm, Flowchart, or Pseudocode/Flowchart

a. Write out an algorithm, flowchart, or pseudocode to match the team’s final program.

b. This may be similar or drastically different from the team’s initial draft based on how much the code changes over the course of the project.

E. Final Program with Comments

a. Include the code from the final program used during testing.

b. The code MUST have sufficient comments throughout. Another programmer should be able to read these comments and have a good understanding of how the code works.

F. Brief Discussion

a. Provide brief explanations of what occurred during the game’s testing.

b. Describe the progression of the MATLAB code

c. Describe the obstacles faced and how they were overcome.

G. Conclusion and Recommendations

a. Develop a conclusion from the results obtained throughout the game software design project, including the game itself, the programming, and problem solving method. This can also                           include recommendations for changes to the game if you had more time for development or if you were going full scale with the project.






Business Plan

A. User Identification and Interviews –Identify the intended audience for your game, conduct1interviewwithapotentialuserPRIORtodevelopment,conduct1interview with auser after beta testing. The questions for these interviews can be found on your website once you have applied the template.

B. Electronic/Print advertisement for the game – (flyer, brochure etc.)

C. 30 second to 1 minute pitch video/advertisement for your game(s). All team members must speak and/or appear on the video.


Welcome Page

A. Table of contents describing what can be found in each link

B. Executive Summary