Music and Racial Justice: Abolition to Black Lives Matter

King Art Complex • Columbus, Ohio • April 4, 2018

Throughout our history, social movements have relied on music to share their stories and to unite their members. Civil rights – from slavery days to Jim Crow segregation to “I have a dream” to Black Lives Matter. Women’s rights – from the suffragettes to birth control and reproductive rights to equal pay for equal work. The event includes a narrative portion, in pictures and words, of the music and the movements over history. Presented in collaboration with The Ohio State University College of Social Work. 

The Ohio State University College of Social Work, in collaboration with the King Arts Complex, honored the memory of Dr. King with musical help from the Sutton Entertainment Group, a Central Ohio live entertainment and event planning agency. They performed music that inspired and informed movements for racial justice across five eras in American history. The event in narration, projection, and music saw how the common themes of white supremacy, oppression, sanctioned violence against African Americans and resistance impacted these five historical periods.

Dr. Jacquelyn Meshelemiah: Producer, Narrator, Writer, and Photo Editor
Dr. Keith Kilty: Producer, Editor, and Production Manager
Dr. Lisa Raiz: Producer, Editor, and Production Manager