Dissertations and Theses

Doctoral Dissertations:

24. Gowtham Venkatraman, “Process modeling of ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2021
23. Hongqi Guo, “Joining of metal and fiber reinforced polymers using ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2021
22. Arun Ramanathan, “Polyvinylindene fluoride (PVDF) films for near-static measurement applications,” 2021
21. Sai Siddhartha Vemula, “Modeling and characterization of wire harnesses for digital manufacturing applications,” 2021
20. Tianyang Han, “Ultrasonic additive manufacturing of steel: process, modeling, and characterization,” 2020
19. Yitong Zhou, “Variable stiffness links for collaborative robots,” 2020
18. Siva Chillara, “Multifunctional laminated composites for morphing structures,” 2018
17. Adam Hehr, “Process control and development for ultrasonic additive manufacturing with embedded fibers,”2016
16. Paul Wolcott, “Ultrasonic additive manufacturing: weld optimization for aluminum 6061, development of scarf joints for aluminum sheet metal, and joining of high strength metals,”2015
15. Justin Scheidler, “Static and dynamic Delta E Effect in magnetostrictive materials with application to electrically-tunable vibration control devices,” 2015
14. Sheng Dong, “Friction and wear reduction via ultrasonic lubrication,” 2015
13. Zhangxian Deng, “Nonlinear modeling and characterization of the Villari Effect and model-guided development of magnetostrictive energy harvesters and dampers,” 2015
12. Hafez Tari,“Robust and efficient mathematical techniques for modeling and simulation of smart material systems,”2014
11. John Larson, “Design of a magnetostrictive-hydraulic actuator considering nonlinear system dynamics and fluid-structure coupling,” 2014
10. Ryan Hahnlen, “Characterization and modeling of active metal-matrix composites with embedded shape memory alloys,” 2012
9. Sushma Santapuri (co-advised with Stephen Bechtel), “Unified continuum modeling of fully coupled thermo-electro-magneto-mechanical behavior, with applications to multifunctional materials and structures,” 2012
8. Jung-kyu Park (co-advised with Gregory Washington), “Advanced development of a tool for design, modeling, and selection of smart materials with an emphasis on liquid crystal elastomers,” 2012
7. Suryarghya Chakrabarti, “Modeling of 3D magnetostrictive systems with application to Galfenol and Terfenol-D transducers,” 2011
6. Jian Xu, “Microphone based on Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) micro-pillars and patterned electrodes,” 2010
5. Phillip Evans, “Nonlinear magnetomechanical modeling and characterization of Galfenol and system-level modeling of Galfenol-based transducers,” 2009
4. Neelesh Sarawate, “Characterization and modeling of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni-Mn-Ga for sensing and actuation,” 2008
3. Xiang Wang, “Characterization and modeling of ferromagnetic shape memory NiMnGa actuators,” 2008
2. LeAnn Faidley (co-advised with Prof. G. Washington), “Characterization and modeling of ferromagnetic shape memory Ni-Mn-Ga in collinear stress-field configuration,” 2006
1. M.J. Dapino, “Nonlinear and Hysteretic Magnetomechanical Model for Magnetostrictive Transducers,” PhD Dissertation, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 1999

Masters Theses:

28. Stella Wang, “Personal deployable safety restraint system (POD SRS),” 2020
27. Brad Losey, “Analysis of magnetic gear end-effects to increase torque and reduce computation time,” 2020
26. Zachary Nick (co-advised with Prof. R. Harne), “Foundations for smart metamaterials by liquid metal digital logic and magnetoelastic properties control,” 2020.
25. Sean Chilelli, “Structural health monitoring with fiber Bragg grating sensors embedded into metal through ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2019
24. John Schomer, “Embedding fiber Bragg sensing sensors through ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2017
23. Yitong Zhou, “Mechanical characterization of automotive electrical wires and wire harnesses,” 2016. Full text release has been delayed at the author’s request until August 09, 2021
22. Bryant Gingerich, “Joining carbon fiber and aluminum with ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2016
21. Matthew Scheidt, “Lightweight aluminum structures with embedded reinforcement fibers via ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2016
20. Joshua Pritchard, “Design, fabrication, and analysis of a multi-layer, low-density, thermally-invariant smart composite via ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2014
19. Mark Riggs, “TIG welding of nickel titanium to 304 stainless steel,” 2014
18. Kunal Kotian, “Detection of in-plane stress waves with Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) sensors,” 2012
17. Ben Thornton, “Parameter evaluation and sensitivity analysis for an automotive damper,” 2012
16. Travis Walker, “Experimental characterization and modeling of Galfenol (FeGa) alloys for sensing,” 2012
15. Anthony King, “Development, verification, and sensitivity study of lumped parameter model for automotive shock absorbers,” 2012
14. Amita Pawar, “Smart material actuator based active tactile display,” 2012
13. Paul Wolcott, “Toward load bearing reconfigurable radio frequency antenna devices using ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2012
12. Gordon Fox, “Joining of shape memory torque tubes to structural materials,” 2012
11. Christopher Hopkins, “Development and characterization of optimum process parameters for metallic composites made by ultrasonic consolidation,” 2010
10. Shravan Bharadwaj, “Active friction control via piezoelectrically generated ultrasonic vibrations,” 2009
9. Arjun Mahadevan, “Force and torque sensing with Galfenol alloys,” 2009
8. Sarvani Piratla (co-advised with Prof. Bechtel), “Fully-coupled characterization of thermoelectro-magneto-mechanical materials,” 2009
7. Ryan Hahnlen, “Development and characterization of NiTi joining methods and metal matrixcomposite transducers with embedded NiTi by ultrasonic consolidation,” 2009
6. Tom Walters, “Fluid rectification valve development for a smart material-based electro-hydrostatic actuator,” 2008
5. Michael Rupinsky, “Development of Terfenol-D pump for electrohydrostatic actuation,” 2006
4. Anthony Mortensen, “Dynamic and quasistatic testing and modeling of Terfenol-D particulate composites,” 2005
3. David Nosse, “Compact actuation through magnetorheological flow control and rectification of magnetostrictive vibrations,” 2005
2. Aayush Malla, “Effect of composition on the magnetic and elastic properties of Ni-Mn-Ga,” 2003
1. Patrick Downey, “Hybrid PMN-PT / Terfenol-D broadband transducers in mechanical series configuration,” 2003

Undergraduate Honors Theses:

14. Sylvia Cressman, “Flexible piezoelectric sensors for vehicle applications: air speed and direction measurement,” 2022
13. M. Bryant Gingerich, “Joining carbon fiber and aluminum with ultrasonic additive manufacturing,” 2014
12. Qiang Zhang, “Experimental characterization of Galfenol (FeGa) alloys,” 2014
11. Mark Riggs, “Adhesive and TIG joining nickel-titanium to 304 stainless steel,” 2012
10. Ben Thornton, “Development of an analytical automotive damper model,” 2011
9. Justin Scheidler, “Magnetostrictive metal-matrix composites,” 2011
8. Travis Walker, “Sensing behavior of Galfenol (FeGa) alloys under dynamic conditions,” 2011
7. Gordon Fox, “Development of a characterization instrument for thermomechanical testing of shape memory alloy torque actuators,” 2010
6. Craig Poeppelman, “Characterization of magnetostrictive iron-gallium alloys under dynamic conditions,” 2010
5. Ehsan Sadeghipour, “Design and analysis of a magneto-rheological fluid damper with nonlinear surfaces for effective variable compliance in robotic transmissions,” 2009
4. Zachary Noeth, “Actively inducing morphing of textures and shapes with shape memory composites,” 2008
3. Andrew Lutz, “Predicting change in transmission pipeline corrosion from in-line inspection instrument data,” 2007
2. Stephen Hart, “Accelerated bone growth remotely induced by magnetic fields and smart materials,” 2006
1. David Moody, “Virtual reality medical training with force feedback,” 2005