Strengths Essay


My top five strengths were in order; competition, achiever, ideation, strategic, and learner. I found these strengths to be a remarkably accurate, and the paragraph generated about them equally as insightful. I can clearly seeing these strengths playing a large role in my current life. This is particularly true regarding my first strength; competition. I used to play soccer, and I would always be driven by competition (I always hated losing). It led me to train harder, play harder, and I now use that in my day to day life. Even if there is no competition with others to be found, I then compete with myself striving to get better each day.Competition however is not the only strength in my arsenal, I use all of them in conjunction with each other to achieve my goals. The interlockings of these strengths became quite interesting to me once I began to look at it, which appealed to my ideation strength. if I have a goal then I use my strategic strength to plan out what I am going to do, then I use my ideation and learner strengths to think about how I am going to execute my plan, and finally I use my competition and achiever strengths to actually accomplish my goal.In my opinion, the combination of these strengths is really what makes them so helpful and thus considered ‘strengths’.

Regarding my academics, I think that I will have to rely on my strengths to be successful at Ohio State. I already use them to push myself to study more,and work harder. I foresee myself leaning on my Strategic strength even more in the coming years as I search for effective time management solutions to deal with harder exams, and a more challenging curriculum. I also think that in my academic life, there is no better place for me to achieve my goals, or dream up new ideas all while learning a great deal than in college where ideas are constantly flowing. All in all though, I can really see myself drawing upon these strengths whenever I am called upon to do an assignment, or study for an exam; pretty much anything that requires academic conviction and fortitude.  

Knowing my strengths just reaffirms my convictions about my future goals even more. I want to become a doctor someday, and that is a challenging field with a daunting road ahead. I know that I will need use all the assets I have to be successful in that endeavor. I am glad that I can rely upon my strengths to help me, as I know that I am going into a very tough field. Looking at my strengths, they seem like they will only help the journey I will have. In the short term, I want to excel at Ohio State, and of course maintain a level of happiness despite all the work. In the long term I want to be successful and to know that I have lived up to my potential, not letting my life slip away. I am confident that will not happen though, because my strengths give me the dedication that I need to be accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

I will certainly be using my strengths to help me both in my professional and personal goals. I want to be successful professionally, but also work to better myself. Getting a good job after college that pays well and that fulfills me mentally is the ultimate dream of mine.  I know that job like these are heavily sought after though, so I must be the best candidate for the position that I can be. So yet again I will draw upon my strengths to lead me to be that person, through vigorous academic study and networking which require a great deal of competition and achievement, as well as a learning plan developed through insightful, strategic thinking. Regarding my personal life, I want to form stronger relationships with the people I care about, and form close bonds with those people. I also want to be of sound mind and body. In all aspects of my life, my strengths will be nothing but a resource for me, I am glad I have the strengths that I do and I will use them to achieve all the goals that I aspire towards.

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