Update 2

Update 2:

I collected all the data today from the intersection in downtown Dublin. I took measurements on the amount of cars during five cycles of the traffic lights and also took some times of the traffic light cycles.  Now I need to put this data in a spreadsheet, then use my data and the data collected by the city of Dublin on car frequently and speed, in the software modeling software to create a visual representation of the intersection. That will complete the active part of my project, and then all I will need to do is complete the capstone paper.

I still am researching which traffic modeling software will work the best f0r my purposes. However I have looked at a few options and the best candidates currently are SUMO, MATSim, and TRANSIMS. These are all opensource options that I believe have the features I am looking for I will download these options and see if they work for a complex single intersection, and if none of them do I will look for further options.

I am planning to have the conclusion blog post uploaded on Saturday night or Sunday morning. This means I need the intersection done by that time as well. After that I will write up my paper, and work on a poster design.

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