Planning / Methodology

For my capstone project, I am going to be making a model of a Dublin, Ohio intersection. This project is due in two weeks and there is much to complete still. I have found all the resources for my project. This includes examples of traffic simulations to use as a starting point of my code, and text of traffic flow modeling.

To insure that I will finish this project I am splitting my work into two phases. this week will be blog posts and the writing of the actual code. next week will be writing the paper and adding finishing touches to anything left to do.

Therefore, the basic method for this project is looking at examples of traffic simulations and taking features from many and combine them in an original way. I will also be using local data to help guide the movement of the cars. These addition features that I haven’t seen in traffic simulations much will add human error and hopeful a more realistic end project. I will then report my experience in the capstone paper.

In my next update I will have a basic draft of the code, and a finished list of all features. This update will be done uploaded by Wednesday. I understand that this is a very quick timeline now, but with the amount of research and resources I have from the past months, I know that this project has and will teach me a lot about a topic I didn’t know anything about.

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