Introduction and Timeline


My capstone project focuses on data visualization regarding traffic flow, and the motion of individual cars. This project is easily scaled from one intersection to entire city. This will allow me to test my program throughout development and improve it before scaling up. Also if the time to create one intersection is great then the project can be capped easily there.


My project will have a product of a software that will show traffic on roads throughout a time frame. This traffic will be shown through actual cars if possible, not simple colorize of the road. A focus of the car’s motion will be on traffic lights/ stop signs, lane changes and congestion, as well as the movement of cars from location to location, as cars are used for actual transportation between physical places.



  • contact professors to be advisers
  • research how to get started / ask questions
  • collect timed data from websites ( on one intersection at first)
  • load data into software ( most likely java)
  • model the physical roads and traffic signs
  • model a car object ( location (x,y), velocity (x,y), acceleration (x,y) )
  • use data and object to model cars motion based on time
  • deal with making car objects appear and disappear ( from cars arriving and debarking on journeys)
  • deal with interactions between cars ( congestion)


  • improve cars modeling
  • add more roads and intersections to cars motion





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