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I just finished my second year as a Computer Science and Engineering major at the Ohio State University. I am focusing on art and technology as while as computer science. I am further exploring my passions by taking classes at the Advance Computing Center for the Arts and Design, (ACCAD). I commute to OSU, this can make classes and extra activities a challenge at times but I have found a balance. I was even able to manage being a TA for a computer science class. I am also currently an active member for the ACM-W, a group for women in computing. Over the summer I am finishing my capstone project and going on vacation. Starting next semester my little sister will be coming to OSU as well for a computer and information systems.




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  1. I am Margo Nelis, an honors student at Ohio State University. My aspirations include studying exercise science as my undergraduate major and continuing my education in medical school. I am a hard-working and creative person who enjoys collaboration and problem solving. My interests in science and passion for helping others is in my career choice and the numerous service projects I have lead and been apart of.

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