Year in Review- Sophomore year

As I prepare my honors contract, this was an opportunity to reflect on how my activity and view of the G.O.A.L.S. have changed over the past two years.

Global Awareness: Because I have lived my whole life in a small town in West Virginia, diversity, especially on the global scale has been sparing and more difficult to achieve.  One way I am particularly passionate about understanding in the world around me is other countries related to the medical field. This summer, in pursuit of this goal, I am preparing to travel to Tanzania for the month of July to take the course, “HIV in Context”, a study of HIV as a virus, but also to examine the historical and cultural significance of the virus and its effects on the population there. I am fascinated by the variety of such a relationship between the amount of access, development of technology, and societal feelings with regard to the subject. I am also pursuing a minor in Medical Humanities which will allow me to use courses like Ethics in Healthcare and Medical Sociology to explore the medical field on a larger scale.

Original Inquiry: Currently, I am looking into research groups and professors across campus, specifically in the department of chemistry. I have gained much more significant experience through higher level Organic Chemistry labs, and next year will have the opportunity to learn new technique in the Biochemistry lab course. I will also be involved in undergraduate research starting in the fall.

Academic Enrichment: I am pursuing a degree in Biochemistry with an interest in pre-medicine. I hope to go to medical school right after the completion of my undergraduate degree with the intent of becoming a primary care physician.  The courses I chose along with the inclusion of a minor demonstrate my willingness to be challenged. I feel that the courses and GEs I have taken have been appropriately challenging as well as relevant, making me into a more educated student and a better person. I believe it will allow me to support a deeper understanding and appreciation for the health of the human body and its treatment.

Leadership Development: This past year, I had the pleasure of working in the Office of First Year Experience as a Peer Leader. I facilitated orientations as well as maintained support for 250 first-year students. This position taught me a lot about leadership, especially by example, and about the power of peer vice and support. I also was able to act as a tutor for Chemistry 1210 in the fall semester, facilitating an office hour-like time with two other students. I will continue to pursue leadership in areas I am passionate about by pursuing a TA position for the upcoming year.

Service Engagement:Primarily, the best way I have found to become involved in service in the community is through various student organizations. Currently, I work every week at an organization known as the Bridge tutoring Somali elementary students in Math and English. The Bridge works to aid refugees by offering GED classes, citizenship courses and tutoring to students 2nd to 12th grade. I found this opportunity through H2O church on campus and have also engaged in service days at the center cleaning and aiding the volunteer staff. I have also been involved in various community engagement, such as MLK day of service, or a monthly service day through the student ministry, H2O, visiting and volunteering at various organizations serving the Columbus community.