Global Awareness: Because I have lived my whole life in a small town in West Virginia, diversity, especially on the global scale has been sparing and more difficult to achieve. In my time at Ohio State, I hope to travel to other countries, whether it be through a study abroad, most likely a Global May, or service work through an organization. One way I am particularly passionate about understanding in the world around me is other countries relationship to the medical field. I am fascinated by the variety of such a relationship between amount of access, development of technology, and societal feelings with regard to the subject. Courses such as Microbiology 3704, a study of HIV and its outbreak globally and Sociology of Medicine courses will allow me to learn about these aspects before I am able to see them manifested myself.

Original Inquiry: Currently, I am looking into research groups and professors across campus, specifically in the department of chemistry. I am hoping to learn more about the research options I have in my major’s department as well as look into the medical school for more opportunities. I plan to begin research during my sophomore year, preferably in the fall.

Academic Enrichment: I plan on pursuing a degree in Biochemistry with an interest in pre-medicine. I hope to go to medical school right after completion of my undergraduate degree with the intent of becoming a primary care physician. I also am pursuing two minors, the first known being Medical Humanities, which includes courses in the sociology of medicine, inter-workings of the medical field and its history. My second interest is Cognitive Science, specifically the neurobiological aspects of cognition. These minors and the opportunity to take varied GE courses will allow me to pursue my interest in a way that is atypical of may hard science courses. I believe it will allow me to support a deeper understanding and appreciation for the health of the human body and its treatment.

Leadership Development: As a freshman, It is difficult to assume formal leadership positions as I am still exploring organizations to get involved in. Recently I have become involved with the best food forward bulk buying group on campus and am excited to join a committee to plan events and reach out to campus. I also had the opportunity to become a member in Medlife, which has mainly just led to opportunities to meet and serve others. In addition, I am a part of a church group on campus, H2O which allows me to help at events or help with outreach such as handing out free coffee on the Oval and engage with other students. I also have the intention of becoming a small group leader and leading peers in discussion and helping younger students, freshmen in particular.

Service Engagement:Primarily, the best way I have found to become involved in service in the community is through various student organizations. Currently, I work ever week at an organization known as the Bridge tutoring Somali elementary students in Math and English. The Bridge works to aid refugees by offering GED classes, citizenship courses and tutoring to students 2nd to 12th grade. I found this opportunity through H2O church on campus and have also engaged in service days at the center cleaning and aiding the volunteer staff. I also have the goal of volunteering at a hospital or clinic in the year future. I have applied to various positions with the hopes of beginning volunteering during the upcoming semester.

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