Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

Hi, I’m Sidney! Welcome to my Honors and Scholars e-Portfolio! I’m excited to share a little bit about myself with the OSU community and I hope you enjoy getting to know me! Feel free to look around and read about some of the activities I’ve participated in as a scholars student at OSU.

Year in Review

As I come to the end of my first semester at OSU, I’ve made many new friends and have experienced many amazing things. I’ve met people who come from many diverse backgrounds and experiences and hearing their stories has opened my eyes to new perspectives of the world. As I continue on my journey through my undergraduate career, I plan to keep opening up to new people that I meet so that I can build a large network of friends and colleagues that I can exchange ideas with. At this point in my academic career I’m mainly focused on my courses but soon I plan to find ways to enrich my education outside of the classroom through opportunities such as research, volunteering, and internships. I currently participate in a few student organizations and I plan to continue to be an active member of those organizations in the future. I’m still pretty set on my goal of becoming a research scientist and going to graduate school when I’m done with my undergraduate education, but I’ve considered a few other options as well and I have learned that is important to keep my mind open to all of the opportunities that are out there for young college graduates. I know that my interests and goals could possibly change over the course of these next few years so I don’t want to rule out any options too soon.


Global Awareness: I plan to further my skills in French by minoring in it and hopefully I will get the opportunity to study abroad in a French speaking country such as France or Quebec.

Original Inquiry: Throughout my time at OSU I plan to either participate in research or a research related internship.

Academic Enrichment: I’ve joined organizations such as women in math and science which will give me unique opportunities that are related to my major. Doing research or having an internship in a lab is another way to enrich my education outside of the classroom. I’ve also found opportunities for academic enrichment through the Biological Sciences Scholars program.

Leadership Development: I am applying for a positon as an RA next year so if I get the job, it will be a great leadership opportunity. Another possible way to get leadership experience is through holding a leadership position in an organization that I have joined.

Service Engagement: I plan to continue doing community service like I did in high school, whether it be through volunteering at a lab or hospital or through volunteering at a homeless shelter or food pantry which is also a passion of mine.


An object in my life that has represented a goal that I have accomplished is my high school diploma because it exemplifies all of the hard work that was put into earning it. My diploma is especially important to me because I earned the diploma of distinction in science and French. Both of these subjects are very important to me and I plan to make them a part of my college degree through majoring in biology and minoring in French. I also earned the honors diploma which is an important distinction to me because it shows the extra effort I put into my education outside of meeting the minimum graduation requirements.

Honors and Scholars Events

One event that I attended with the biological sciences scholars program was a discussion with a genetic counselor. I really enjoyed this event because I learned about an alternative career opportunity that I had never really considered exploring before. I find genetics to be very interesting and after hearing about the typical daily tasks of a genetic counselor, I plan to look further into that career path.

About Me

Hi! My name is Sidney and I am a freshman here at OSU! I’m from Worthington, Ohio which is a small suburb of Columbus. I plan to major in Biology and minor in French. I am in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program as well as the Morrill Scholars Program. My goals for the future are to graduate from OSU with a B.S. in Biology and to then go to graduate school and work on my Ph.D. I aspire to become a research scientist and work towards finding cures for life-threatening diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.