Lab Director

Paul F. Granello¬† Ph.D. is an associate professor of Counselor Education in the Department of Educational Studies. He graduated with his M.S. in mental health counseling from Stetson University in 1990, and his Ph.D. in counselor education was awarded in 1995 from Ohio University. He is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with supervisory credentials. He also has a private practice – “Well Counselors” in Worthington, Ohio.


Doctoral Students

Quinn Hughes

Quinn Hughes is a 1st-year doctoral student in the Counselor Education Program. He was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee. He received his Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2016 and Master’s in School Counseling in 2019 from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Before attending the Ohio State University, he was an elementary school counselor in rural and urban inner-city schools. His interests include STEM research, wellness, and mindfulness.


Patrick Cunningham

Patrick has been a school counselor for over 6 years, working in several different settings including large public high schools and smaller, private, international elementary and high schools in Dubai and South Korea. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Counselor Education at The Ohio State University and conducts research and professional development for The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center, a grant-funded center dedicated to translational research in family engagement with a mission of equipping educators, families, and community partners with valuable resources to strengthen these partnerships. He has also helped to develop several resources for educators, students, and families to facilitate these partnerships. Patrick is currently teaching and supervising preservice school counselors as they are learning about the field and completing their internship experiences.


Mikiya Hermon

My name is Mikiya Hermon I’m a first-year psychology major. I enjoy working out and trying new activities. I can’t wait to work in the SMART Lab and interact with my peers.