Hi, I’m Conner, your new SMART Lab blogger

Hello all,

My name is Conner Clark. You’ll be seeing blog posts from me in the near future. I am hoping to share helpful information on stress management. But first, I want to share a little bit about myself. I am a current sophomore at the Fisher College of Business, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Business Spanish. My hobbies include weightlifting, running, and socializing with my friends. Just like you, I struggle with the stress brought on by my classes, but I have found ways to manage these stressors, and I would like to share the ways that I find to be most useful. Typically when I am stressed, I find it most relaxing to lie in my bed with music playing and just focus on my breathing. After a few minutes I usually notice that i have become more relaxed. I have also found that writing down my thoughts at that current moment help out immensely with reducing my stress levels. Aside from a basic introduction of who I am, I want to give a general overview of my initial experience with the SMART Lab. Clearly, I had a great experience as I am now dedicating time to help others maintain healthy lifestyles. Here is my experience:

Before my visit to the SMART Lab, I had little to no experience with stress management. I understood that there were benefits to be gained from mindful practices and stress management, but I had no idea where to start. I felt as if there was no point in seeking information because I was rather busy with my studies, and I felt as if I had no time to focus on myself and my struggles to regulate my stress levels.

One day, Dr. Paul Granello decided to send my STEP group, a cohort designed to enhance the second year experience at The Ohio State University, to go visit the SMART Lab. I was amazed by how easy and fast the process was. The basic procedure that I went through involved sitting at a computer and carrying out simple breathing practices by following along with the prompt on the computer. After focusing on breathing for a few minutes, one of the workers in the SMART Lab came over and discussed my results, giving constructive tips on what I could do to improve my overall heart rate. My experience at the SMART Lab that day was eye-opening. The thirty minutes that I spent in the lab had me thinking about how important taking care of my mental health truly is. Who knew such a short period of time could yield such helpful results? I began to seek out new techniques to reduce and manage my stress levels, including new ways to find happiness. This journey brought me back to the SMART Lab with the hopes of giving back.

The staff in the SMART Lab is very welcoming and informative, and I recommend giving the SMART Lab a try; see what it has to offer for you. It truly was an amazing experience because it has allowed me to open up to myself and become more self-understanding and figure out exactly what I need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would suggest that if you are struggling with the stressors of daily life, no matter what the issue, come visit the SMART Lab and give it a try. You won’t regret it, I promise!

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little bit about me, and I look forward to sharing useful information in the time to come!


Conner Clark

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