Beta test

We need your help!

We are designing a smartphone app to measure the formaldehyde concentration in your home. This app takes images of color-changing badges that react to formaldehyde exposure. Then your formaldehyde concentration will be reported. You will also have the opportunity to upload your results to a national database to contribute to public knowledge and community science efforts.

Please take a few minutes to test out this beta version of the app and fill out our user survey. You’ll be providing valuable feedback about the app’s design and clarity. Thank you!

Link to beta app download:



You will need to take a picture of the following image (also shown below): Badge images before and after exposure-1btlb57

Links to surveys that will be available within the app are below.  We recommend accessing these through the app if possible so that it is easier to include your SmART-Form ID.

Health questionnaire:

Formaldehyde reading and home characteristics survey:

Beta-test survey to provide feedback on the app:

Use this link if you have trouble accessing the survey through the app: