About Me


Hello everyone! My name is Marcellous Sledge, and I am a first-year STEM EE Scholars student. I intend to study Computer Science & Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering and Programming Languages. Physics is also something I’m considering. As a long term goal, I’d like to find out just how much computers can help people, and then advance them further so that they can help even more people. Professionally, I’d like to have a career with a computer that researches computers and how they can get better. Technology is advancing each and every day and I want to be a part of that. I am mainly motivated by my fascination with computers, but I am also motivated by my family. Although I haven’t grown up with many computers, the ones I have had have made a big difference in my aspirations. When I’m not studying or doing work, I like to spend time with friends as well as learn about what they’re doing. I also enjoy reading about theoretical physics, even though I may not always understand it fully.