Spring Project Update/Conclusion

For the first 2 hours of the project, I had rushed to try and memorize where the keys were and ran the typeracer site many times over. Each time, I averaged around 60 words per minute. I then realized that I required more practice so that I wouldn’t have to think about where the keys are, and I could just press whatever button was needed. I used another 3 hours making sure that I was used to the keyboard and didn’t have to think about where each key was.

The next 3 hours were focused on typing efficiently. It did not matter how fast I could type if I couldn’t type the right words, and so I used typeracer over and over to keep getting different passages to type up, and I had reached 94 words per minute. For some reason, reaching 100 seemed really far away, but I was determined to keep going because I knew that I would be doing something involving typing for the rest of my life. Knowing that I needed to go faster, I chose to just keep going, and never give up. Some of the passages were very short, and I felt that those were unfair gauges of how fast I could type, so I kept going through the excerpts until I saw one with more than 30 words in it.

After about 30 minutes of searching, I found an excerpt from “Keyboarding Made Simple” (1985). I raced against a few people, and I came out with 121 words per minute. I had successfully learned how to type over 100 words per minute in 10 hours!