Spring Project and Planning

My spring project will be about me learning how to type over 100 words per minute. This can be an important skill for me in the future due to the nature of my major and how it’s focused on computers, as well as for the classes that will require typing papers or coding. I also feel that this is a fun way to learn something new rather than forcing myself to learn something I am not interested in. I plan to have this goal completed within 10 hours of extra time outside of school.

I will be testing my typing skills using the website www.typeracer.com. I feel that this will be a good website to use because it gathers excerpts from many different books, and I will have to actually learn how to type quickly without just memorizing certain passages. The website is also advertised as a game so that I could have fun with the project in a competitive sense.

Again, as a computer science major, typing quickly and efficiently is one of the most important skills that I could learn. The first step to learning how to type faster is memorizing where all of the keys are on the keyboard, and making it a habit for my hands to hit whatever key necessary.

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