Upgrade Impacts

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following changes you can expect as you migrate to Skype for Business:

  • The new Skype for Business system enhances support for E911 by determining your physical location based on your computer’s network connection on campus. Learn more about notes of use and location information for E911.
  • Prior to your migration date, you will be sent an E911 notice via ServiceNow. You must read this notice and accept it, or you will not receive Skype for Business.
  • New voice mail retention settings have been implemented. Voice mails will automatically be deleted 30 days after they are received. Learn how to change your settings via your email.
  • You will have the ability to use the Skype for Business iOS or Android mobile app. You may download the iOS or Android app on your mobile devices now to speed up the migration process. Note: it is recommended to turn off sim ring if currently enabled and you plan to use the mobile client as well, to prevent duplicate call notifications.
  • Internal Ohio State Skype calls will only require a single click.
  • You should begin dialing phone numbers as 10 digits (area code + ###-####) or 1 + 10-digit phone number if long distance.
  • You no longer need to prefix numbers with a 9 to dial off campus, simply enter the 10-digit phone number or 1 + 10-digit phone number.
  • Authorization codes for long distance dialing have been retired. Now, just dial 1 + 10-digit phone number for long distance calls.
  • If you currently have voice mails accessed by dialing 614-292-4141, they will be removed from the system at the time your account is migrated to Skype for Business. Any existing messages will not be migrated.
  • Users of the legacy (Mittel) voice mail system will no longer be able to forward voice mails to you on Skype for Business.