Device Options

Skype for Business Conference Devices

Conference room devices are not included in the service. Unit is responsible for purchasing the conference device(s).

Skype for Business Client Devices

Any new Skype for Business accounts being migrated as part of the project (i.e. employee, common area, or front desk account) that are setup will have an initial device included as part of the service charges.

**The Skype for Business migration project is now completed, devices will no longer be provided at no-charge for new Skype for Business setups. Going forward, any new or replacement devices are the responsibility of each college and business unit.

More information on ordering devices here

If a device is no longer being used (except for headsets) that device can be stored and given to another account when needed, or returned to OCIO to be re-used at a later date.

If you have a disability and rely on assistive technology, and are having trouble related to Skype, please contact The Skype Team via the IT Service Desk or 614-688-4357 for assistance.

Microsoft Skype for Business Client Recommended Devices

There are many different types of devices that can be used for voice communication with Microsoft Skype for Business, each with their own unique characteristics. Listed below are the supported devices provided by the Skype for Business project.

These devices include:

  • Wired Headsets
  • USB Desk Phones
  • IP-enabled Desk Phones
  • Built-in computer/laptop audio

Built-in computer/laptop audio

Using the built-in audio chipset (microphone and speaker) with your computer or laptop is not recommended in most cases since the devices do not provide noise cancelling technologies.  The lack of noise cancelling technologies can lead to sub-optimal call quality and conferencing experiences.

It is recommended that you use some type of audio device; wired headset, wireless head set, desk phone (IP or USB), speaker phone with external mic, or a mobile phone.


Wired Headsets

A corded, one or two ear headset with microphone. Perfect for users that are on calls all the time and/or have no use for a traditional desk phone.

  • All call control is done using Skype for Business client
  • Good for people who work at a desk most of the time
  • Good for people who occasionally travel
  • Recommended for the majority of use cases
Plantronics Blackwire C5220
Plantronics Blackwire C5210

USB Desk Phones

These devices are connected via USB and sit on the desk like a typical telephone. Some devices are just a handset with no call control built in, and some function just like a normal telephone would.

  • All call control is done using the soft client for units without dial pads.
  • On units with dial pads, calls can be made and answered like a traditional phone OR using the soft client.
  • Cannot function independently…still requires the use of the soft client and computer
  • Limited call control functionality using desk phone alone
  • Recommended for the majority of use cases


Polycom CX300 R2

  • Dialing Capabilities
  • Small display
  • Caller-ID
  • Handset is compatible to be used with hearing aids


IP-Enabled Desk Phones

These devices also resemble a typical telephone. They are connected via a network connection and are capable of being logged into without a pc client.

  • Enhanced call control using the desk phone.
  • Access to contacts, calendar, call logs, and other features using the desk phone
  • Phones have 2 network ports on them, 1 for wall connection and 1 for PC connection
  • Recommended for special use telephone numbers (Front Desk number, department number, common area phone, etc.)
  •  VVX600 Handset is compatible to be used with hearing aids

Polycom VVX310

  • Perfect for cubicles and offices
  • External mic for speakerphone usage
  • 6 favorites (additional expansion support)
  • Monochrome screen
  • Microsoft “Better-Together” experience
  • 1Gbps network interfaces
  • General phone use



Polycom VVX600

  • Perfect for cubicles and offices
  • External mic for speakerphone usage
  • 16 favorites (additional expansion support)
  • Color touch screen
  • Microsoft “Better-Together” experience
  • Bluetooth for hearing aid support
  • 1Gbps network interfaces
  • Special use cases



What about Wireless Headsets or other Wireless audio devices?

Multiple device options exist for wireless headsets or wireless audio devices that can be used with the service, none are certified, favored or provided by the Skype for Business project at this time.