Module 7: Final Blog Post

The ESEPSY 1159 course has helped me learn a lot about online tools and resources as well as skills to enhance my online learning. Some of the most useful things I learned in this course was how to use online calendars and task lists, like Google Calendars, to organize my schedule. This was very helpful for time-management as it allowed me to plan out my week in advance and set deadlines and reminders for assignments that were due. Having a calendar helped me to get my work done ahead of time instead of saving things to do until the last minute like I have been known to do in the past. I learned that I need to keep a planner or schedule for my tasks in order to stay organized and be more efficient when completing my schoolwork.
Another useful online skill that I learned during this course was how to better utilize online search tools, as well as where I can look online for resources that I need to use for research papers or projects. I had never really utilized the Ohio State library to its full potential before, when I was writing research papers in the past I usually just used Google searches to find sources to back up my arguments or used articles we had read in class or in our textbook. Using the library’s online catalog gives you access to many more resources that you could find otherwise, but it can be overwhelming since there is so much information available. This abundance of information is why using good search techniques is so important, because it can help you narrow down the search results and find materials that are actually relevant and useful for your individual need. Google Scholar was another really useful tool that I learned about during this course. I had never used it before but it seems like a great way to find academic resources that you know are going to be credible and reliable. I am definitely planning on using both Google Scholar and the OSU library to search for resources for any future research papers or projects I might need to work on.
I am graduating this spring, and then I will be taking the CPA exam over the summer to become a Certified Public Accountant before I start my full-time job in the fall. To study for the CPA, I will be taking an online prep course, so I think the skills I learned during this class will be very useful to me when taking the CPA course. I will be listening to and watching online lectures, so the active listening and note-taking strategies that we discussed in Module 5 of this course will help me take full advantage of the online lectures and make sure I get the most information out of them as possible. I also plan on looking at the website to see if there is a discussion forum or chat room where I could interact with other students who are studying for and taking the exam, so that I can share ideas with other people in order to benefit my learning more. If there isn’t, however, I think the multitude of other tools, resources, and strategies that I have learned from this course will help me be successful in studying for the CPA exam this summer and in the future as well!