Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

Online videos and podcasts are tools that can greatly enhance your learning. You can find informational videos and podcasts about millions of topics, virtually anything you might need or want to know! I have found videos to be especially helpful when a professor’s teaching style just doesn’t match with my learning style, or when I am having a particularly hard time grasping a topic or concept: I can look up a video on Youtube and find another perspective which can help me better understand the material.

When using online videos or podcasts as learning tools, it’s very important to be an active listener and take notes on it so that you actually pay attention to the material and retain the information. Note taking is important in all academic settings, but especially for online learning because it can be so easy to get distracted by other things on your computer and the internet. Using a note-taking template can help organize your notes and make it easier for you to review them later. The Cornell method is a useful note-taking strategy which divides your paper into separate sections so you can take notes on what the professor or lecturer says as well as your own thoughts, questions, and notes for other resources to use. Finding a note-taking strategy that works for you is essential to your success in college!

One thought on “Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

  1. I agree with you that online videos and podcasts are very helpful in going over information presented in class. I find them particularly helpful as I can pause them, rewind them or rematch them whenever I desire. When it comes to note taking, I also believe that the Cornell strategy can be very effective, as it forces you to revisit the information following the class/video and think about the information that was presented and summarize the key topics that were addressed. This is beneficial as it makes sure you understand the topic and information instead of just memorizing it.

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