Educational Video: Criminology

This educational video gives an overview of the social science field of criminology, the study of crime, criminal behavior, and criminal justice systems and institutions. Criminology attempts to answer several central questions, such as why people commit crime and how it can be prevented. Criminology is a social science, and therefore is closely tied to major sociological theories which can be used to study crime and explain criminal behavior. The study of crime through the field of criminology can help understand the world we live in today, and helps both to prevent crime and create criminal justice policies.

This video is a great introduction to the study of criminology. It explains the underlying themes that the field focuses on and informs you of what you will likely be learning in a criminology course. The video utilizes animations and illustrations to capture your attention and keep the information more interesting than just listening to a lecture. It also asks you to think of real-world examples of crime that you’ve encountered in the news to show how relevant these topics are in today’s society.

One thought on “Educational Video: Criminology

  1. Great video for anyone thinking of getting into criminology! I’ve always wondered what the subject was about and what theories are explored and this video gave a decent overview. Very interesting animation but I wish they would’ve used music that wasn’t so somber.

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