These are my goals that relate to the Honors and Scholars G.O.A.L.S. I will work to accomplish within my time here at Ohio State!

Global Awareness: To increase my global awareness, I hope to study abroad next summer. I want to understand different cultures and understand how business work outside of the US. I also have to take a language class here at Ohio State and while I have taken mostly Spanish, I’d like to increase my knowledge of a different language just to broaden my views.
Original Inquiry: I haven’t really thought about doing research, but I definitely think that it would be a great opportunity. I want to look into different research opportunities that I could do with marketing or political science. I know that this is a research institution and undergrads don’t usually get to do research at other places, so I am definitely interested to get my hands on something that I didn’t really think I could ever do with my interests.
Academic Enrichment: I joined Honors just last semester so that I could start challenging myself with more rigorous coursework. I am taking one honors course now and also trying to dive into my majors so that I get more challenging classes but also classes I’m interested in.
Leadership Development: This year I am in two big leadership positions. I am a chair on one our committees (Leadership Training Committee) in my scholars program. I am in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars where we focus on leadership and service. We learned a lot about leadership last year in Mount, including about a lot of our leadership strengths like Myers Briggs, Clifton Strengths, and VIA Strengths. I learned a lot about my strengths within my leadership styles. Using my strengths, I have been able to lead all of the first years that I am a leader for.
Service Engagement: During my second year, I will be completing 75 hours of community service. I currently am volunteering at Project Open Hand, which is an organization that gives groceries to people with incurable diseases like cancer and HIV. It feels good when I go there and help the people. During my time with my service site, I hope to help as many people as possible and learn more about the history of the site that I am continuing at.