All of my experiences have made me into the person I am today. They have given me skills that I use every day at my current work and at school.

My first experience isn’t on my resume anymore, but I used to be a cashier at a flea market concession stand. Sometimes I did this as volunteer work and sometimes I got paid. Since this was my first “job”, I learned a lot about being punctual, being ready to work the whole time, and perseverance.

My first real job came last summer when I started working at a local bank. I am still currently working there. This job teaches me a lot about responsibility and dedication. Here, I work around 40 hours and week, which takes a lot of dedication for someone who is not dedicating their life to this profession.

Right now, I work as a university telecounselor. I love my job right now because I get to work with my friends and also talk to perspective students. This job teaches me good phone skills, communication skills, technological skills, and personable skills.

My jobs have all turned me into the person I am today and without them I would not have the same skills I have today. Resume-Jennifer Sizemore


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