Feedback to emotion

Emotional Processes in Environmental Feedback Contexts

There are increasing opportunities for individuals to receive feedback on their environmental consumption. Given increases in sensing technology, digitization, and investment in updating utility infrastructure to smart grids, feedback will likely continue to proliferate in society, highlighting a need to understand the psychological processes by which feedback translates to action. Existing research on anticipated emotions focuses on eliciting emotional states through articles, stories, and hypothetical scenarios, falls short of investigating experienced emotions arising from personal actions.

Study 1 seeks to advance current understanding of how pride and guilt influence pro-environmental behavior.

Studies 2 and 3. These studies teases apart the influences of anticipated vs. experienced emotions on pro-environmental behavior.

Methods: In all studies, online experiments were conducted to investigate how people respond to feedback on their carbon footprints.

Study phase: Study 1 data collection complete; manuscript published. Studies 2-3 data collection complete, manuscript preparation in progress.

Funding acknowledgement: This project was funded by the OSU Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme and OSU Decision Sciences Collaborative.

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