Nicole Sintov, Ph.D.

Nicole serves as Assistant Professor of Behavior, Decision-Making, and Sustainability in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. She is also a core faculty member of OSU’s Sustainability Institute. As an environmental psychologist, she strives to advance psychological theory while producing insights that can be applied to benefit the environment and society. Broadly, her work focuses on the role of individual-level behavior and decision-making in sustainable consumption with an emphasis on energy contexts (e.g., home energy use, energy efficient technology adoption and use). Conceptually, her work has centered around three questions to inform behavior-change interventions: (1) how do identity and other individual differences shape consumer response to sustainable innovations?; (2) how do people make judgements and form decisions about sustainable innovations?; (3) how do sustainability-related discussions among multiple consumers (e.g., in a household) impact behavior? Methodologically, her work is grounded in behavioral science with a focus on quantitative methods (e.g., experimental, survey), often involving collection of high-resolution consumer (e.g., near real-time electric meter) data.

In her career, she has published 25 refereed articles, 2 book chapters, 16 peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and given more than 30 scholarly presentations. Her work has appeared in high-impact scholarly outlets such as Nature Energy and Journal of Environmental Psychology, and has received media coverage by CNN, NPR, National Geographic, The Guardian, National Post, Scientific American, LA Times, among dozens of other outlets. Since starting at OSU in 2017, her research program has been funded by a variety of extramural sources, including the National Science Foundation, industry (e.g., Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola), and foundations (e.g., Environmental Law Institute). In total, she has been PI or Co-PI on 10 grants totaling more than $14M, with $10.5M going to collaborator institutions and $3.5M to OSU ($1.1M allocated directly to her).

She holds a B.S. in Psychology / Ecology from the University of California, San Diego, and a Master’s in Psychology, graduate certificate in Sustainable Cities, and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Southern California. Outside of the lab, you may find her running, hiking, or baking vegan treats. For current projects, click here.