Atar Herziger, Ph.D.

Atar is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Behavior and Sustainability, funded by the School of Environment and Natural Resources, Sustainability Institute, and STEAM factory. She completed a double-major BA in Psychology and Management and an MA in Organizational Psychology at Ben-Gurion University in Israel. After working for several years as an organizational consultant, she returned to academia and completed her PhD in Social and Economic Psychology at the University of Cologne in Germany (Summa cum laude). She began her postdoctoral position at OSU in 2018. Her research focuses on consumer behavior in pro-social and pro-environmental contexts, and she is particularly interested in how consumer habits, self-control, values and goals (e.g., biospheric, egoistic, materialistic) influence sustainable consumption practices. A key behavior she is interested in is consumption reduction—the curtailment or avoidance of material consumption. As an SRE hire, she aims to promote cross-disciplinary research in sustainability at OSU. She is a member of the Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) lab’s steering committee at SENR. Her role involves developing lab practices and resources, as well as partnerships with research sponsors. One fun fact about Atar is that she has a twin sister! They sound exactly alike (in Hebrew), but look completely different—she’s a freckled red-head!

Current projects: Disrupting Contamination, Smart Columbus Ride & Drive, Timing matters