Logan Hobbs


Logan is a 1st year MS student in the ENRGP, in the Environmental Social Sciences specialization. Graduating from Eureka College with a B.S. in psychology, he found his passion for the intersection between humans and their surrounding environments through research he conducted during his final year. This research focused primarily on the ways in which both interacting with and caring for a person’s immediate surrounding natural environment can mitigate the negative effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. Looking forward, Logan is excited to continue studying interventions which may promote pro-environmental behavior, specifically in the areas surrounding community-supported agriculture, spillover of pro-environmental behaviors, and the effects of blue/green spaces on mental health. In his free time, Logan can usually be found exploring the Columbus coffeehouse scene, playing ultimate frisbee, or sitting at home with his many flourishing houseplants, all the while coveting the houseplants he has yet to collect (if you have any leads on a monstera variegate cutting, shoot him an email!).

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