Jamie Allen


Jamie is a doctoral student in the School of Environment and Natural Resources within the Environmental Social Sciences specialization. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019 with a B.S. in Psychology, and minors in Environmental Policy and Music Performance. Jamie is interested in finding the most effective ways to evoke pro-environmental human behavior regarding various sustainability concerns such as single-use plastic, energy use, and consumption habits. She is particularly interested in social norms, interpersonal communication, accessibility to sustainable choices, and personal values. Jamie is also a trainee in the EmPOWERment NRT Program at OSU, which uses interdisciplinary collaboration and learning to find sustainable energy solutions. While at Virginia Tech, Jamie conducted various research projects, including one study in which she used social psychological theories to formulate messaging  intended to increase public transportation usage among college freshmen. The intriguing academic literature on this topic and significant results of this study validated the importance of the role of psychology in sustainable decision-making, and solidified her decision to pursue an advanced degree in that specialty. In her spare time, Jamie can be found in a pottery studio, sailing, or curling up for a good Netflix binge. She also enjoys playing her instruments, doing yoga, and anything involving animals.