Media coverage

It’s been a banner week for media coverage on our work! National Geographic covered the lab’s work in a story about kids and waste management, and the San Francisco Chronicle covered the lab’s work on the differential effects of demand response programs for vulnerable groups. Thanks to the journalists, Cheryl Maguire and Taylor Brown, for reaching out.

Welcome, Eve!

The lab extends a warm welcome to Eve Kaufman. Eve is a 2nd year SENR student majoring in Natural Resource Management. She’s working on a new project investigating identity threat in the context of vegetarianism. Quarantine fun fact: Eve learned how to give men’s haircuts during the pandemic. She is a woman of many skills. Welcome aboard, Eve!

Welcome, Beyla!

The lab is excited to welcome Beyla Richman aboard! Beyla is a second year EPDM student with interests in environmental justice and communication. She is working on a new project investigating identity threat in the context of vegetarianism. She also loves biking through Columbus and applying her green thumb to houseplants. Welcome to the team, Beyla!

Welcome, Elsa!

We are thrilled to have Elsa Alvarado in the lab! Elsa is a 4th year Psychology major with interest in neuroscience and decision-making. Specifically, she is interested in learning why and how people form judgments and make decisions based on basic cognitive, affective, and social processes and she plans to go on to graduate school to study these topics in greater detail. Currently, she is working on the Energy Interactions project in the lab. Elsa has been working with the lab since last semester, but we are delinquent in a welcome post. We’re glad to have you, Elsa!

Welcome, Dani!

We are excited to welcome Dani Huber to the lab! Dani is a 2nd year SENR EEDS major with interests in community development and environmental psychology. She is also in the honors program and deciding whether to pursue the research or curriculum-based honors track. We hope to make her foray into research as delightful as possible so she can make an informed choice. Welcome aboard, Dani!

Hot off the press! Sam’s master’s thesis in Journal of Environmental Psych

Big congratulations to Sam for lead-authoring a paper based on her Master’s thesis in one of our field’s flagship journals! The study, a large-scale field experiment (N=1,560), investigates the relative effectiveness of different referent groups in normative feedback to encourage recycling. Sam’s Master’s advisor, Dr. Wes Schultz, co-authored the paper. Yay Sam!

Welcome, Jamie!

Welcome to the lab, Jamie Allen! Jamie recently joined SENR as a PhD student. She is also a trainee in the NSF-funded EmPOWERment NRT Program at OSU, an interdisciplinary graduate education program topically centered on sustainable energy. Jamie is from Virginia, having completed her BS at Virginia Tech with a major in psychology and minors in Environmental Policy and Music Performance. She is interested in applying social norms and interpersonal communication to sustainable consumption contexts. Off campus, she can be found in a pottery studio, sailing, playing her instruments, or doing yoga. We are happy to have Jamie in the lab!

Welcome, Sam!

Welcome to the lab, Samantha Mertens! Sam recently joined SENR as a PhD student all the way from San Diego, CA where she graduated from Cal State San Marcos with her MS in psychology. Her work focuses on applying social influence approaches to the design, implementation, and evaluation of residential recycling. She has a wealth of field research experience, having worked on projects in a variety of pro-environmental domains, such as water, energy, and zoo-based conservation. When not pursuing her scholarly interests, Sam enjoys visiting zoos, aquariums, and museums, and hiking. She is working on the Empowering consumers to increase recycling project. We are delighted to have you, Sam!