New paper on partisan politics of EV adoption

Hot off the presses! A new paper from the lab compares Democrats and Republicans on willingness to adopt electric vehicles. Spoiler alert: Democrats are more likely to adopt EVs. The paper also examines identity-linked mechanisms that help explain this difference.

Congratulations to our graduates!

Congratulations to McKenzie and Stephen on their graduation from OSU! We are so proud of you and all that you have achieved. We look forward to watching your careers unfold, and hearing about all your successes in the future. Although we’re sad that we were unable to celebrate this huge milestone in person, the lab virtual celebration was a blast. Cheers to both of you 🙂



Congrats, Stephen!

Congratulations 1 - Victoria Conservatory of Music | Victoria ...

Congratulations to Stephen, who passed his research distinction thesis defense today! His project examined the effectiveness of a Meatless Monday intervention on meat consumption on Mondays and beyond. He blew the committee away with a dazzling presentation. Nice work, Stephen!

Double yay for Atar!

Atar just had a paper accepted at the Journal of Environmental Psychology. In a series of 3 experiments, she examines how egoistic vs. biospheric framing differentially influence minimalism. Along with some SENR colleagues, Atar also recently published a paper in Nature Climate Change. Here is the press release. Way to go, Atar!


Yay Kristin!

Kristin recently published a paper in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Here is the official press release. Using moral foundations theory as a framework, her study tests how changing message source and content can differentially influence environmental attitudes among political conservatives vs. liberals. Spoiler alert: The answer is yes. Way to go, Kristin!

Congrats, Renna & Sophie!

Congratulations to Renna and Sophie on their graduation! Sophie is off to Cincinnati to work for the US EPA doing Science and Technical Communications, and OSU is lucky enough to have convinced Renna to stick around and work for the Zero Waste program. We’re thrilled for both of you, and look forward to watching your careers unfold over the years to come.


Lab celebration

The lab (plus a couple of young scholars in training) gathered at Sow to honor two of our long-time members, Sophie Manaster and Renna Wittum, for their graduation. Congrats, Sophie and Renna! We will miss you.

New paper in PLOS ONE and media

Nicole, along with lab alumni Lee White and collaborator Hugh Walpole, had a study published in PLOS ONE entitled “Thermostat Wars? The roles of gender and thermal comfort negotiations in household energy use behavior”. The paper examines the roles of gender and interpersonal interactions in household thermostat use. This work has received national and international media attention! Click the links for CNN and Daily Mail UK stories.

Congrats Kristin!

One of the studies from Kristin Hurst‘s dissertation was just published in Conservation Biology. Way to go, Kristin! Through the lenses of moral foundations theory and self‐affirmation theory, the study adds new perspective on mitigating conflicts caused by identity threats. Findings enhance understanding of practical approaches to manage conservation conflicts.