Celebrating successful recruitment efforts for our Energy Interactions project (missing: Kristina and Kelly)!

EI recruitment completed

Thanks to our super team, we’ve completed participant recruitment for our Energy Interactions study! Thank you team! But the fun doesn’t stop here  – now on to data coding

BECC meeting

Had a great time learning about cutting edge behavioral energy research, sharing our own work, and connecting with colleagues old and new at BECC! Always an inspiring meeting. Looking forward to next year’s event!

Welcome Ian Adams!

Warm welcome to Ian Adams! Ian is a new M.S. student joining our team. Ian is a graduate of OSU’s Fisher College of Business with scholarly interests around message framing, social influence, and food-energy-water system intersections.


Today’s most pressing environmental problems are ultimately the products of human decision-making and behavior. Changing behavior is therefore an essential element in creating a sustainable future for humankind. Our approach to addressing society’s grand challenge of sustainability draws heavily upon psychology and integrates methodologies and perspectives from an array of other disciplines. Our research focuses on:

  1. Understanding and modeling decision-making that impacts environmental quality
  2. Developing and evaluating interventions to encourage pro-environmental behavior change
  3. Elucidating the underlying mechanisms of behavior change, including cognitive biases and social influence

Currently we investigate these phenomena as they pertain to:

  • Residential energy use / smart grid
  • Adoption and use of alternative transportation systems and vehicles
  • Adoption and use of sustainable innovations (e.g., solar panels, home energy management technologies)
  • Waste management
  • Wildlife security