Educational Video

This video has a couple main points one being water scarcity. Water scarcity is a region that isn’t able to support the people or living things in the area with freshwater. Their are two types of water scarcity Physical and Socio-Economical scarcity. Physical water scarcity is when an area is cannot support the people living there with freshwater. An example for Physical water scarcity would be if a lake that thousands of people relied on for freshwater vanished. Socio-Economical is when a controlling power doesn’t have the funds to supply the people with freshwater. A good example for this is Africa, the country is too power to dig wells or transport clean water to most of its people. Another main point was how serious water scarcity is in 1970 close to half the people in the middle east didn’t have access to clean water. Also how quick freshwater is being used in America one of the biggest reservoir in America has gone down hundreds of feet, which could be really serious if drained completely.

This video enhanced my learning by showing the main points then having bullet points to go with it. I find that to be a easy way to write notes when the video tells you exactly what’s going on. It also did a good job of describing what these affects where and how they will affect us. ┬áThe video also did a great job on giving us statistics on the water crisis with how many people are without it, how many feet the reservoir has gone down, and streams that have vanished in Philadelphia.

Module 4 Blog

The most useful thing I will use in this module is the Study Strategy’s. The mind map that we had to do helped my organize my thoughts, which would of helped me when writing my essay. I found that just spilling my thoughts onto the map made it easier for me to think. I used the mind map for a past assignment I had the White Nose Syndrome. It worked out great I was really able to put my thoughts on paper well, which is normally the hardest part for me when writing papers. Would also work well for tests when I’m trying to study, and being able to look back onto the mind map to refresh my memory. I’m definitely going to use the mind map for my next writing assignment in Environmental Science class. ┬áMuch like I did for the White Nose Syndrome I’ll just spill information from the topic onto the map as I learn it, and eventually when it’s time to write the paper I’ll have all my thoughts laid out. The advice I’d give is to keep your study habits creative. Learning is more effective if you change up how you learn the material and retain it. It will also keep you more engaged with what you are learning.