Congratulations to Shridhar for 2022 Hayes Forum Poster Presentation Award

Fishing at Dublin OH

Priyanka captured one

Shridhar during his first attempt

Devasena trying her luck

Good luck at the University of Chicago Priyanka!

Devasena describing CLICs to Dr. Murphy

Devasena at the AHA-BCVS 2018

Harpreet elected as FAHA

The Intracellular Ion Channel Lab Lunch at Philadelphia

AHA “Certificate for Research Excellence” Oct 2016

Rushi Thanawala won the first prize for his oral presentation at the WCUR at Doha Qatar

Shubha presenting at Philly

Harpreet presenting at Philly

Kajol Shah at the Biophysical Society

Devasena presenting poster to Dr. Camara

Shey grasping BK channels and aging

Lab lunch at Philly

Rushi Thanawala at Discovery day

Dr. Devasena Ponnalagu receiving an award at the Biophysical Society at Baltimore