Statement of Action

Here’s my plan of Action!:

Goal 1: Get in shape via boxing club. Next semester, I hope to make less excuses. That means attending boxing class even when I’m tired and not overburdening myself with last minute school work, which is often a barrier for me.

Goal 2: I hope to contribute more to research. One way I hope to do that is by putting in more hours into research. Next semester, due to my lower course load, I have the ability to put in more time into research. This summer, I plan to be a lab rat as well and help out on projects and potentially bring my own project to life.

Goal 3: One way I hope to grow the periodmovement is by recruiting more people on the team and delegating people to lead important projects. I plan to get more organized in how I lead PERIOD@OSU and cultivate a community here.

Goal 4: I Hope to meet many more amazing people and seek mentors. I plan to do this by creating spaces for networking through my Scholars program and attending events on campus that I find interesting. I am a firm believer that ideas are the currency of today, and one of the things I am most passionate about is meeting amazing people, bringing ideas together and allowing some of those things to come to fruition.

Goal 5: I plan to organize more events via my role as Academic Chair to best support students academic goals in my biosciences Scholars program. I actively test ideas out in the GroupMe for my class and am open to collaborations with other scholars groups too!

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