My Vision Statement

It’s crazy to believe how fast this year has flown by and that I am already halfway done with college. These are some of the things I hope to accomplish in my next few years here: 1. By the end of next semester’s boxing club I hope to be able to do at least one push-up! I have definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone and decided to take up boxing as a hobby this past year. 2. I hope to make contribute more to research and potentially garner a few publications by the end of my time at Ohio State! 3. I hope to continue to grow the Period movement not just on a school level, but on a state level and National level! 4. I hope to make more friends and explore more interests before my time at Ohio State ends! I’m surrounded by such fascinating and inspiring people who motivate me to be a better person. 5. Lastly, I hope to giveback to my Scholars program because I truly believe that Biosciences Scholars (under the leadership of Melissa) has made an exceptional impact in my life and I am so proud to contribute to it through my role as Academic Chair.

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