My first Semester in Review

My first semester at Ohio State has had its ups and downs, but here are some of the highlights!:

  1. I authored and published my first scientific research commentary!
  2. I completed over 200 hours of volunteering in a hospital that I had been volunteering at since highschool!
  3. I’ve continued my passion for long distance running and have even picked up some new hobbies like boxing! Next semester I plan on joining the running club.
  4. I have sustained my involvement with a program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital called Mechanisms of Human Health and Disease!
  5. I am participating in my club’s, Humanism in Medicine’s, Buckeyethon Team and collectively we have fundraised over $1300! As an active member of the philanthropy committee, I am also collaborating with the Medicine and the Arts committee to plan a Henna tattoo fundraiser for Buckeyethon in January where we will be tattooing what Buckeyethon and Humanism in Medicine means to us. I am also part of the Team of Bloggers of this committee.

Those were my top 5 achievements for my first semester, along with barely surviving general chemistry. This semester I woke up to the reality of time management and have realized how essential prioritizing can be when balancing school and other passions. I hope to continue my drive second semester and slowly begin to find my place of belonging on campus!

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