What will my Ohio State experience be?

Global Awareness: I hope to join cultural organizations and perhaps the Bollywood Fusion dance team to foster my love for cultural awareness of my background and who I am. I completed a major part of my schooling in India and it is often easy for me to forget about my roots when I’m not there, so getting involved in these organizations. In addition, I plan to take French as my foreign language to create possible travel abroad and research opportunities for me in France.
Original Inquiry: My senior year of high school I landed an internship in a Pancreatic cancer research lab, which spiraled into a position as a volunteer research assistant. Recently, I wrote and published a scientific commentary about a research paper our lab had just submitted which really helped me get my hands wet into research. In future endeavors, I really hope to hone in on research by making my schedule more accommodating and potentially collaborating on projects that harness my curiosity about the things around me.
Academic Enrichment: One way I hope to exercise academic enrichment is by attending research poster competitions, getting involved in student organizations and surround myself with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Exposing myself to the variety of research OSU has to offer will facilitate my ability to take on more entrepreneurial roles by asking more questions about the things I experience around me. Recently, I also joined the philanthropy committee and team of bloggers in the Humanism in Medicine club, which helped me find a cause and a purpose outside of my academics.
Leadership Development: One way I hope to exercise my leadership is by finding about opportunities on campus and seizing them. Off of campus, during the summer I plan to serve as a teaching assistant/ head teaching assistant for the upcoming Mechanisms of Human Health and Disease program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Similarly, on campus I hope to get involved with student government sometime in the future and be a part of the decision making process for the undergraduate body. Such leadership opportunities will prepare me for the workforce in the future, because beyond the work ethic involved, they will instill in me what it really means to be a leader, something I am still in the process of figuring out.
Service Engagement: Through a series of events in biosciences scholars concomitant to my volunteering in the ER at Riverside Methodist hospital, I hope to experience the impact of service and the motivation to help others out of purpose. Biosciences scholars exposed me to a lot of great service opportunities that exist around me and I think placing into this scholars community has played a big role in which direction I hope to head next in the future.

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