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Hey everyone! My name is Anusha Singh and I will be joining the Buckeye Family as a Freshman this Fall! Though I consider myself a Cardinal, I’ve lived in an amalgam of unique places, from Dayton to Mumbai (MH, India), and Columbus to Hyderabad (AP, India), not to mention each state I moved to in India had it’s own language, food habits, cultures, festivals, school systems and education systems!

Amidst all that change, my passion for Medicine was persistent. I plan to major in Neuroscience on a premed track. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what gave birth to this dream; Maybe it was being intensely captured by the flashy symptoms of rare diseases on Mystery Diagnosis, or maintaining a blog where I would attempt to analyze everything from the ingredients in my dad’s protein shake, to understanding how Supplements worked. Naturally, this curiosity spiraled into internships, volunteering opportunities and competitive programs in high school. During my senior year of high school I started a research internship at OSU in a Pancreatic Cancer lab, and now I am a research assistant there. My experience in the research lab made it possible for me to serve as a Teaching Assistant this summer for a program called Mechanisms of Human Health and Disease at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a program that mentors high school students interested in pursuing medicine and research.

Apart from being a nerd, I am a long distance runner, a ping pong player and a blogger. I have a pet parrot named Matru (pronounced: Muh-troo) who is featured on 95% of my Snapchat stories because of his creepy ability to mimic my laugh amongst other strange sounds, and a brother who is going to be a Junior in high school.

I am so excited to be in the Biological Sciences Scholars Program, and I look forward to all of the exposure I would get from all of the cool volunteering opportunities and events that are there! In addition, being part of a Scholars group really helps me feel like I am part of a tighter-knit community and I am pumped for the intramural sports between the different Scholars Programs!

In addition, one of the things I am looking forward to the most right now is the Club fair, because there is so much that I want to get involved in my first year at OSU. I hope to get involved with a cause that I am really passionate about and be able to work towards during all four years of my undergrad. Some organizations and clubs that peak my interest are Buckeyethon, He for She, My Brother’s Keeper, Humanism in Medicine, Running Club, Improv Club and Ping Pong Club amongst many others.

This year, I really hope to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and I think OSU will really help me do that!

Go Bucks!!


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