Undergraduate Work



James Chung

  • Year: Senior undergraduate
  • From: Milan, Michigan
    Research: I am interested in how socioeconomic status influences food preferences.
  • Future:I plan on attending graduate school after finishing my bachelor’s in Food Science.
  • Fun facts:I am a competitive powerlifter and member of OSU’s powerlifting team.

Contact: Chung.782@osu.edu



Sok Lin (Jess) Ang

  • From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Research: Interested in comparing the sensitivity of fingertips and tongue tactile
  • Future: Plan to find a job in the food industry after graduation
  • Fun facts: Speak 5 languages



Jenna Fryer

  • From: Syracuse, New York
  • Research: I am interested in peoples varying perception of flavors and am planning on working on an orthonasal-retronasal study of savory flavors next fall.
  • Future: I plan on attending grad school after earning my Bachelor’s degree and then would like to be a research scientist for a food company.
  • Fun facts: I am on the OSU Club Field Hockey team and am spending spring 2018 participating in the Disney College program

Contact: fryer.32@osu.edu


Emma Hnat

  • From: Toledo, Ohio
  • Future: After graduation I plan on getting a job in the food industry!

Contact: hnat.9@osu.edu


Maggie Stegman

  • Year: Graduated in 2018
  • From: Wheelersburg, Ohio
  • Research: I’ve worked on a study investigating the perceptual differences of aroma between the orthonasal and retronasal routes of delivery.
  • Presentations: CFAES, OVIFT, and Denman research poster forum
  • Future: I plan on getting a job in the food industry upon graduation!

Contact: stegman.23@osu.edu


Karli Van Simaeys

  • Year: Graduated in 2018
  • From: Centerville, Ohio
  • Research: I have completed two projects under the guidance and funding of the Food Science Undergraduate Research Experience Program. Both projects were focused on the comparison of texture perception on the anterior tongue versus on the fingertip.
  • Presentations: Fall Poster Forum and the Denman Undergraduate Research Forums
  • Future: I will be interning this summer at Pierre’s Ice Cream Company in Cleveland, Ohio. I will attend graduate school at Oregon State University in the fall!
  • Fun facts: I am an officer for the OSU Ski & Board Team!

Contact: vansimaeys.1@osu.edu

Kevin Berkowitz

  • Year: Senior Undergraduate
  • From: West Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Research: I will be focusing on tactile sensitivity of the tongue, roof of the mouth, and gums.
  • Future: After graduation I plan to find a job in the food industry.
  • Fun facts: I am a member of the racquetball club at OSU and enjoy cooking and baking.

Contact: berkowitz.86@osu.edu 


Robin Bodner

  • Year: Senior undergraduate
  • From: Salesville, Ohio
  • Future: I plan on attending graduate school to become a nurse practitioner.
  • Hobbies: running, painting, photography
  • Fun facts:  Member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and Mount Leadership Society Scholars. Studied abroad in Bolivia last summer.

Contact: bodner.30@osu.edu



Youssef Higgins


  • Year: Junior in high school
  • From: London, Ohio
  • Research: Working with Brianne Linne on a coffee study!
  • Future: My goal after graduation is to study Business.
  • Fun facts: I enjoy photography and candle making, and will be a freshman in college in the fall of 2020!



Morgan Whitecotton

  • Year: Senior undergraduate
  • From: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
  • Research: I’ve conducted a study on comparative tactile sensitivity of the fingertip and the tongue.
  • Presentations: CFAES, OVIFT, and Denman poster forums
  • Future: My goal after graduation is to work in industry, but my back up plan is grad school!
  • Fun facts: I enjoy photography, and I’m minoring in both Molecular Genetics and Society and Environmental Issues!

Contact: whitecotton.2@osu.edu