Photo Gallery

The lab enjoys an end of semester potluck in December 2022







OSU students past and present enjoy a night in Savannah, GA








Audrey and Kym celebrate their awards at the 2022 SSP Conference in Savannah, Georgia







Lab Potluck Summer 2022







Happy Holidays from the Simons’ Lab in Fall 2021

The Simons Lab celebrates another semester with a potluck in Spring 2021

Girl power: Danica, Amy, Brianne, Kenzi, and Maria presented their research at the OVIFT research forum in Spring 2020!

Lab potluck Fall 2019!

Happy Halloween from the iron (Fe) chefs of Parker Hall! Special ingredient: twinkies.

Happy Tenure to Dr. Simons! Twinkie king.








Always advancing our tool set!









The lab visits and cheers on Youssef at his high school’s poster session! Brianne and Dr. Simons were both judges. Youssef did a fantastic job presenting!


Brittany and Jenna love Disney and show off their themed dresses at lab meeting!

Many of our undergraduates (plus Kenzi) presented at the OVIFT forum which was help put on by FoodSURE with the organization of Brittany and Amy. Check out our awards page to see the results!





Amy and Kym played Dr. Simons in a departmental “March Madness” tennis tournament. (We’re rooting for Kym to win the whole competition!)












Amy and Morgan had fun on a food packaging field trip to Anheuser-Busch!









Kevin, Robin, Jess, Morgan, Jenna, and Gabe all presented at the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum (Spring 2019). We are so proud of our undergraduate researchers!!!



Amy and Morgan visiting a metal can manufacturing facility for their food packaging class!

Getting our bowling on!


Holiday cookie exchange with our basement buddies!

Lab Potluck end of semester Fall 2018!































Soybean field trip with FutureEats!









Lab potluck beginning of Fall 2018!


The Spice Girls (and Old Spice) on Halloween 2018.

Having fun (even in the cold) at a Columbus Crew soccer game!

Kevin, one of our awesome undergraduates, presenting his research on tactile sensitivity!



Fun at the Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) conference in September 2018 with former lab mate Ron! Kenzi, Ashley, and Brittany presented posters!













































Fun at our Fall 2017 semesterly potluck!







Basement potluck with our Heldman lab friends!








Happy holidays from our lab and some of our other food science friends!








New year same lab friends 🙂







Congratulations Dr. Alex Pierce-Feldmeyer!







Pelotonia bike even with fellow food science friends!









Morgan, one of our undergraduates, presenting her work!








Happy holidays from the basement crew!








Fierce foodies.









Kenzi, Amy, and Maria representing at IFT 2018 in Chicago!

Playing games at our Fall 2018 potluck!