Module 7: Maintaining Motivation


This weeks module discussed the topic of maintaining motivation. The topic I found most interesting was finding your motivation on slide 5. Module 7 discusses the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Personally I found that my surrounding environment is a motivator for me which is discussed on slides 6 and 7. I like to study in quite areas such as the library or a study room. I have found that places like these motivate me do more work and focus better. It allows me to shut out distractions such as loud noises which allows me to concentrate better. One thing I would like to practice from this module that I have learned is to cut out all distractions. In the future I want to try and shut off my phone while I am studying because I am very easily distracted by the notifications and social media apps on my phone. I think by doing this I will be much more motivated and productive than I was when I would get distracted by the phone. My advice for current and future students would be to find what motivates you whether it be an intrinsic or extrinsic motivator. One you discover what works best for you it will be much easier to focus and achieve the success you are looking for in school and in life.

Module 6: Searching and Researching


I found Module 6 on searching and researching to be very informative. The first thing I learned about was the difference between searching and researching on slides 9 and 10. It says “Research requires you to critically look at the quality of information you are finding rather than simply finding information that fits a particular topic”. I think that is important to note so you know how to do the searching or researching. One thing I already practice from the module is deciding whether a source is credible or not. I typically look for scholarly articles or credible websites when looking for credible information from sources. One thing I learned from the module is how to properly word my question for what I am looking for. I learned how to properly write a question when I am searching for something versus when I am researching something. This will be very beneficial in my school and personal life. My advice for current and future students would be to learn the differences between searching and researching so that you are able to properly find the information that you are looking for. This information can be very useful in school and also in personal life, anytime you are searching or researching for information.

Module 5: Online Learning Strategies and Skills


An important topic I found in Module 5 would be about active listening. I think this is an important skill so you can really take advantage of the material you are being taught. It also allows you to be more prepared for the next step you may have to take. In this module on slides 12 and 13 it discusses how you should prepare your mind and your environment in order to properly listen actively. Active listening also helps with your chances of memorizing that information. On slide 14 it discusses one way to do this, which is by taking notes while you are listening. The next step would be to look over the notes later on and organize them. You can organize them online using apps or websites such as EverNote or Notability. You could also chose to organize them on paper. There are many different resources you can use to keep your thoughts and notes organized. I think preparation and note taking along with organization is key to success for many. All of these things allow you to become an active listener which in the end will prepare you to become a better listener, student, and overall human being. Active listening is extremely important not only in school but also in your career and in life.

Module 4: Memory as a Foundation for Strategic Studying


One of the things I found most useful from this module was learning how memory works and how to use that to memorize important information. Another useful thing I learned about is how multitasking effects your learning. I personally try to focus on one individual task at a time now and I find that I am much more focused that when I try to do multiple things at once. One thing I would like to learn more about and practice is using my memory to the fullest. I think this would be much more beneficial when it comes to studying and actually retaining the information that I am trying to learn. Some advice I have for other students would definitely be to take a step back and figure out what the best way is for you to retain information. For me, eliminating distractions and only focusing on one task at a time was very beneficial to me because I was only focused on that one thing. I also think that it is important to see how your memory works and what the best way is for your to remember information. Repetition is huge for me when it comes to memorization so I try to start studying earlier rather than later to ensure I have enough time to go over the information many times.

Module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age


The most useful thing I have learned in Module 3 is ideas for time management. Some ideas that they mentioned was to keep track of your time. I have already started doing this by creating an excel sheet and keeping track of my activities and tasks in thirty-minute increments. It has been helpful for recognizing when I am spending too much time just hanging out and when I need to start studying and working on school more. Because of this module, I also plan to start using a planner that I will carry around with me. I also plan on using Google calendar to input my homework and other activities I have each week. I think by doing these three things I will become more aware of how I am spending my hours throughout each day. I think it will also remind me of what assignments I have coming up and which areas I should be focusing more of my time.

If I could provide any advice to other students that also struggle with time management it would be to definitely consider these three things I have mentioned. I think keeping track of your time will be very beneficial if you are someone who procrastinates or starts assignments too late. I think having a planner or using Google calendar serves as a great reminder of the tasks you need to do and when they are due.

Module 2: Online Learning Strategies and Skills


I learned several things in module 2 that I would like to discuss. One specific thing I found very important in this module was about group communication. As mentioned in the slides, group communication is something that you will have to deal will now and even after graduation. It is important to become great at communicating within groups as it is something you will have to do basically forever in your career and just in life in general. I found that the Group Communication in Lesson: Module 2 was very informative for this. The video that discussed how to deal with lazy group members was very helpful and provided great tips.

It can sometimes be frustrating to collaborate with a group especially if you can not meet in person to discuss the issues. It can also be hard when dealing with potentially lazy team members. It is important to learn how to deal with these issues. I think the best way to tackle these issues is by trying to be on the same page as everyone. Establish clear written rules and expectations of each group member so everyone is accountable for themselves. It is also important to be open to team members suggestions and be willing to adapt to many different circumstances that may arise. I believe if you do all of these things that I mentioned then you are on a path to success when it comes to group communication.