Upcoming Science Cafe: The unbearable lightness of being (squishy): an introduction to ctenophorology

Our next Science Cafe is at 6:30pm on April 7th:

The unbearable lightness of being (squishy): an introduction to ctenophorology

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Ctenophores are a group of gelatinous marine invertebrates whose outwardly “simple” physiology belies a host of intriguing and impressive adaptations. In this presentation, I will give a broad overview of the phylum, highlighting a few areas of particular interest to my research, including swimming biomechanics, DNA metabarcoding studies of ctenophore diet, and the unique glue cells called “colloblasts” that they use to ensnare their prey. I will also discuss the immense diversity of ctenophore body plans and lifestyles, highlighting the many yet-unknown aspects of this fascinating animal group.

About our Speaker:  

James Townsend, Postdoctoral researcher – Providence College/Marine Biological Laboratory

Dr. Townsend is a marine biophysicist specializing in the physiology and ecology of ctenophores, a group of enigmatic, jellyfish-like animals found throughout the world’s oceans. His current research is focused on developing techniques to study the diet of ctenophores living in the open ocean using DNA metabarcoding.

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“How to Lie with Maps” – Science Café on March 3rd

Join Sigma Xi and University Libraries for our next public science lecture Science Café!

Where: Online via ZOOM, register HERE 

When: March 3rd 6:30pm EST

Title: How to Lie with Maps 


Maps are an effective form of communication: they use visualization to engage the audience and convey complex ideas in an accessible manner. As such, maps have been abused to spread misleading information for political purposes. This talk will present a few ways that maps are being abused with a range of examples from the past elections to national propaganda. It will conclude with approaches to fact-checking and detecting “lies” in maps.

About our Speaker:  Huyen Le, OSU Department of Geography

Huyen Le is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at OSU. Her research focuses on urban mobility, environment and health impacts of everyday transportation. She teaches courses in geographic information system and transportation.



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The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi Honor Society (u.osu.edu/sigmaxiohiostate/) has teamed up with Hilliard Horizon Elementary School to plan a virtual Science Night, which aims to engage young students (K-5th grade, ages 5-10 years) in science in a fun and educational manner. We are currently recruiting members of the Ohio State community who would like to get involved in planning and running this event. The Science Night will occur as a one- or two-night online event for two separate age groups: kindergarten to 2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade. The event will take place virtually in late April/early May. We are looking for volunteers to help plan the event and/or participate in it, which could include any combination of helping plan topics/activities, pre-recording or presenting in the session, and/or providing logistical support (i.e. moderating Zoom sessions).


This is a great opportunity to participate in science outreach, practice science communication skills, and help inspire young students’ interest in science during a socially distanced time! If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following survey: go.osu.edu/hh2021.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr. Karch, our chapter Director of Outreach at karch.22@osu.edu.