Suds n’ Science: Orton Museum Tour

Join us for the next Sigma Xi Suds and Science event to be held on Tuesday, April 30th at 5 pm at the Orton Geological Museum (155 Oval Dr S, Columbus, OH 43210) where we will explore rocks, minerals and fossils from Ohio and around the world! The Orton Geological Museum was founded in 1893 by Edward Orton, Sr., a geologist and the first President of The Ohio State University. Originally the Museum contained about 10,000 specimens from Dr. Orton’s teaching collection. Today the Orton Geological Museum holds more than 54,000 numbered specimens and is visited by scholars from around the world. The displays and collections are an important part of many Ohio State University courses and the Museum is also open to the public (


As a reminder, Suds n’ Science is a free, biannual Sigma Xi program in which a host scientific group presents their research, and/or guides a tour of their facilities for other science and research professionals within the Ohio State community. The tour group and host group then generally adjourn to a campus pub for further discussions. These events provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about key research groups on campus and establish interdisciplinary collaborations.

Following this session, the tour group will then adjourn to a location TBA for further discussion.

This event is free to attend but space is limited, so please RSVP by email to Bailey Dye ( by April 23rd. Please contact her with any additional questions you might have.

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