Upcoming Science Cafe Seminars

Join us tomorrow (June 20th) and on June 28th for our Science Cafe Public Seminars!

Cool Chemistry

Talk by Angie Miller (Demonstration Lab Supervisor in OSU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Wed June 20th 7-8pm in Old Worthington Library

Ice that never melts, a gas that’s colder than Antarctica, and what would happen to a marshmallow in outer space, – everything can be explained by chemistry! Learn about all this and more during this fun program, presented in partnership with OSU Libraries. You bring the kids, we bring the chemistry. The Chemistry Demonstration lab provides models and demos for undergraduate chemistry classes. We also provide, perform, and facilitate upwards of 50 outreach events each year, from demo shows to hands-on tables to experiments. Angie has been the supervisor in the Demo Lab since 2010, and she estimates she has made at least 200 marshmallow people and used 1000L of liquid nitrogen.


Ohio Animals

Talk by Amanda Kriner (Director of Education and Volunteers, Richland County Park District)

Thurs June 28th 7-8pm in Northwest Library

Frogs and turtles and snakes, oh my! This presentation will talk about the cool creatures you can find in Ohio natural areas, including your own backyard. Participants will have opportunities to see, touch, and hold native wildlife during and after this presentation. This family friendly program will be fun and educational for all ages. Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in biology and environmental science from Ashland University and uses it daily as the Education Director for the Richland County Park District. No animal is too big or too small to escape her interest, and she loves talking to people about them all.



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