Summer Science Cafes at Worthington Libraries

Sigma Xi will continue to sponsor a series of summer Science Cafés that are geared for kids. At 7 pm on June 19 at Worthington Park Library (1389 Worthington Centre Dr., Columbus, OH) Angie Miller will present on Cool Chemistry. She presents a series of demos which taught the children and their parents how much the atmosphere really weighs, about air pressure, and she even brought liquid nitrogen to pour over balloons; which, in end, freezes. Miller states, “The air pressure demos are really relatable for kids and adults because they are really familiar with things like pressure, wind, boiling, space, etc., and I can use that as a jumping off point to teach them about some unfamiliar things.” Angie’s favorite part of the presentation is the end, where she calls upon 10 children to ask questions and/or see a demo again.

A full schedule of these summer events follows (note the location changes for each event). If you would like additional information please contact Dr. Mark Peeples (

Mon June 19th
Worthington Park Library
Angie Miller
Cool Chemistry

Wed July 19th
Old Worthington Library
Amanda Kriner
Amazing Animals

Thurs July 20th
Northwest Library
Dr Dave
Whiz Bang Science Show

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