Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices are the future of medium and high voltage converter applications. The biggest demand is currently stemming from the automotive industry as the race to electrify transportation builds. However, there are still many uncertainties in reliability of SiC devices. Our lab delves into these questions by designing and testing wide bandgap power devices to improve their lifetime and reliability. Specifically, we design and develop SiC high voltage devices in 3.3 – 50 kV range, and DC and dynamic characterization to expose failure mechanisms through reliability testing. These devices will support medium and high voltage applications such as motor drives, extreme EV charging, central PV and wind inverters, microgrid interfaces, grid support equipment, UPS, pulse power, and many others.Main Research Areas:

  • Extending the operating capabilities of high voltage SiC devices
  • Implementation of SiC devices in circuits, circuit topology, and system integration
  • Improving SiC wafers and processing for lower costs and higher reliability


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