Keysight Power Device Analyzer (Keysight B1505A and B1506A)

SemiProbe Manual-probe Station with 6 inch chuck

MPI Semi-automatic Probe Station with 8 inch chuck

Keysight Precision Source/Measure Unit (Keysight 2901A) x3

Lakeshore Cryostat (Temperature Range 10-500K)

Keithley Digit Multimeter (Keithley DMM6500) x4

Magna-Power Programmable DC Power Supply (1500W) x4

WemaxPower High Power DC Power Supply (WMX-ASD100120, 12000W, 0-100Vdc, 0-120A)

S&A Industrial-Grade Water Chiller (CW-5200, Cooling Capacity 1400W)

Mega Industrial-Grade Water Chiller (CY-6200, Cooling Capacity 4200W)

SRS High Voltage Power Supply (PS375, 10W, 20000V)

Yamato Oven (DX302C) x4 and Yamato Oven (DX300)

Keithley Electrometer/High Resistance Meter (Keithley 6517B)

Access to OSU’s cleanroom lab, Nanotech West