module 2

Nearly all of the things that I studied in this module can be used in a future life but I thought the most useful one is to communicate with professors. English is the second language for me. Sometimes I feel confused because I don’t know how to extract information from textbooks or notice which was written by other ESL people. Sometimes I feel confused about how to deliver what I want to say to other people especially for professors or my instructors because I would like to study some phrases by listening to other native speakers, which may be not suitable in formal writing. For advice, I think is to keeping absorbing information from the external environment and keep using them so that we have enough times to be familiar and check the information till we can use them correctly and make we can deliver what we want clearly and other people who read the information can get the required information as they want.

For a specific part, the most important part for me is the tips for sending email to professors. Considered the number of emails that professors received, we need to make the content as clearly as possible. Except that, when we watched a video about how to write an email to our professors, we get some new information or tips but we way forget to use them when we write the email to professors. It is better for us to write down and sticky it to our computer so that it can remind me when we write an email to our professors.

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