Current Projects

I am a member of the CAIDe lab Ohio and Oregon branches. In addition, my current projects are:

RAPID: Testing Important Judgment/Decision Making Phenomena in the High-Incentive Context of Covid-19: The Understanding of Physicians and Laypersons (Funded by the National Science Foundation, PI: Hal Arkes)

RAPID: A Longitudinal Study of Public Responses to the Coronavirus (Funded by the National Science Foundation, PI: Ellen Peters, University of Oregon)

The Improving Numeracy Project (Funded by the Student Academic Success Research Grants Program)

An evidence-based approach to young driver safety communication and distracted driving prevention (Funded by Ohio Department of Public Safety)

Challenges to distracted driving enforcement: Survey of law-enforcement officers (Funded by Ohio Department of Transportation)

Developing evidence-based approaches to anti-distracted driving communication (Funded by Ohio Department of Transportation)

Psychology of distracted drivingĀ (Funded by the Risk Institute at Fisher College)

Graphic warning labelsĀ (Funded by National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products; PI: Ellen Peters)